TPA podpořila Nadační fond Rozum a Cit částkou 100 000 Kč

17. February 2021 | Reading Time: 2 Min

The TPA consulting company has helped several foster families through Nadační fond Rozum a Cit (tr. Sense and Sensibility Endowment Fund). Besides a generous financial donation of CZK 100,000, which will partly be used especially towards supporting the education of children from foster families and partly towards the fund’s activities as such, TPA has also contributed towards the fund with a material donation in the form of six notebooks. TPA has been working with the Sense and Sensibility Endowment Fund for fifteen years and has significantly supported its activities including all-round aid to foster parents caring for abandoned children.

 “We have been supporting the Sense and Sensibility Endowment Fund for a long time, which is why we highly value the praiseworthy work which they do. We are pleased that the aid is direct, thanks to which we can become acquainted with specific people’s stories and see where our money is helping. I also truly enjoy making use of the opportunity to meet with the supported foster families personally and the possibility thus to become the witness to the demanding and important work which they do,” said Rostislav Kuneš, TPA Director, expressing himself on support of the Sense and Sensibility Endowment Fund.

The Sense and Sensibility Endowment Fund was established by the Malík couple in 1996, as a non-profit organization with a mission to help foster parents who raise abandoned children, thereby endeavouring to enable them to grow up in a safe environment. In the quarter-century’s worth of its activities, the endowment fund has worked with more than 2,500 families, whom they have provided with financial, material and professional aid. Developing a network of services for foster families within the entire Czech Republic is among the fund’s long-term goals. The endowment fund organizes regular get-togethers and initiates help to specific families on the basis of their requests.

The notebooks donated by TPA help, among others, during PC-work tuition for children from supported foster families, at the summer camp organized by the Sense and Sensibility Endowment Fund.