Payroll Accounting

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We take responsibility for your payrolls. Our experienced professionals and consultants will handle processing of entire payroll agendas, including taxes, Czech and international legislative requirements. We will handle communication, setting and reporting thanks to the modern and user-friendly HR Portál program.

Payrolls processed correctly and on time are our responsibility

The professionals in our team will secure well and duly processed payrolls. They will also be available to your employees when handling connected tax issues – for instance, in connection with international mobility of manpower.

We save you time and money

Transfer administration connected with payroll processing to our professionals; utilize the saved time and money in a better way.

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Modern software solutions

We are the leaders in payroll accounting digitalization. Our TPA HR Portál is one of the best instruments on the Czech market for secured and effective communication between a professional payroll office and employees. Utilize its possibilities.

Payroll accounting by TPA, online, simply, responsibly
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HR Portál

The bell has tolled for the paper and email era. Thanks to HR Portál, you and your employees can now communicate simply and efficiently with our payroll professionals. Moreover, this modern software brings digitalization in the area of tax forms. Find out more.

What does payroll accounting encompass?

  • continuous processing of income agendas from gainful employment
  • the possibility of keeping individual salaries completely secret
  • registration and deregistration of employees for health and social insurance
  • processing of monthly and annual accounting, reports for pertinent institutions
  • payroll document archival
  • reporting of payroll expenses according to company management needs
  • cooperation during audits by pertinent institutions
  • preparation of reports for statistical purposes
  • online overview of clients into their company payroll agenda

How can the HR Portál program help you?

  • it forms available and comprehensive online overviews
  • you, your employees or HR workers can enter data online
  • it is able to connect with your attendance system
  • it is able to create special reports to fit the exact needs of your company
  • it is able to digitalize our work and guarantee safe storage and transfer also with regards to GDPR
  • it delivers pay slips to your employees online and safely
  • it stores information and personal information on people in a special employee card which you have the possibility to edit easily
  • it ensures simple exchange of documents between employees and HR
  • it contains an electronic tax form, such as the taxpayer declaration and request for an annual report
  • it creates a workflow for salary and payment order approval
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In what sense are our professionals ahead?

  • we continuously analyse the impacts of legislation changes on your enterprise
  • we utilize to the maximum electronic communication with the state administration
  • we advise in the area of employee benefits and other relevant areas of income tax
  • we are experts in the area of global manpower mobility, such as sending employees outside of the CR or acceptance of foreign workers by a Czech employer

Why choose TPA?

  • we take the risks – we guarantee the correctness of processed payrolls and the representability of responsible employees
  • we have the resources of an international advisory company – we are backed by an international consultancy company and by broad know-how in the areas of audit, accounting, taxes appraisal and business consultancy
  • we are a reliable business partner that cultivates long-term relationships and cares for its clients

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