Corporate Social Responsibility


We conduct business in an area in which the result depends on mutual trust, relationship and safety. We are not indifferent to people’s fates, which is why TPA provides financial, material and professional aid to numerous charitable and common benefit organizations.

Rozum a Cit endowment fund

 The Rozum a Cit (Sense and Sensibility) endowment fund multilaterally supports surrogate parent care. It helps abandoned children spend their childhoods and adolescence in a foster family and towards a better life. It helps foster families, which are for many children from children’s homes the only possibility to have their own families. These families take into their care children who would otherwise never know what it is to have their “home”. They are often children who are mentally or physically disabled, but also older children or children who are not Czech nationals. Foster parents help children to prepare for independent life, support their positive development, education and integration into normal life.

“We want to participate in improving the living standards of children who have found their homes in surrogate families. Every year, we financially support several families insofar as children acquire all the medical equipment they need, school aids, sports equipment or more pleasant furnishing of children’s rooms. We are of the impression that every child has a right to a happy life,” says TPA partner Rostislav Kuneš.


Dlaň životu common benefit organization – an asylum for pregnant women in need

Dlaň životu common benefit organization was established in 2002 by the Betlém nenarozeným (Bethlehem to the Unborn) endowment fund with the aim of helping the smallest children and their mothers. By means of housing offers, advisory services and a base, Dlaň životu (Palm to Life) provides support especially to pregnant women in need and mothers with children in order to help them overcome adverse situations. This support aims towards independence and the mother’s participation in normal life.

Anyone can sometimes themselves in a difficult situation which they can handle only with difficulty without outside help. If such a situation affects a mother with a child, it is a far more pressing problem. This is exactly why we are pleased to participate in making the asylum run by Dlaň životu common benefit organization for pregnant women in need more cosy,” says TPA partner Rostislav Kuneš.


Společenství Dobromysl (Good Mind Community) – Dobromysl workweek social welfare centre

Společenství Dobromysl citizen-action public is a non-state non-profit organization run by The Dobromysl workweek social welfare centre and Informační a kulturní centrum Dobromysl (Good Mind Centre of Information and Culture). The social welfare centre is a family-type facility for clients with combined disabilities who need special care. The aim of the social welfare centre is to develop their abilities and skills (practical and social); it leads them to responsibilities, strengthens their decision-making abilities and teaches an active manner of life.

It seems important to us to break the imaginary wall which divides so-called healthy citizens from those who have had to learn to live with a certain difference. The manner in which Společenství Dobromysl furthers the connection of the world of the healthy population with people who need special care appeals to us,” TPA partner Petr Karpeles.


Léčivka volunteer centre

The Léčivka volunteer centre has been carrying out projects since 2005, the goal of which is the psychological support of patients and healthcare personnel. It has been operating for the longest at Thomayer Hospital, further at the Faculty Hospital Královské Vinohrady, at IKEM, and has newly also launched a volunteer program at the General University Hospital in Prague. Léčivka volunteer centre focuses on improving the psychological condition of patients, providing religious care, play therapy and zoo therapy. Since 2011, it has also been operating Naší kavárna (Our Café), a supported employment project, at the Thomayer Hospital grounds.

We have decided to support patients in their difficult life situations, as well as the healthcare personnel who perform demanding and highly praiseworthy work. In 2019, we organized the 4 year of the Běh pro Thomayerku (Run for Thomayer) charity competition. We thereby helped those who, for health reasons, cannot play sports. The proceeds from the starting fee were used to organize art workshops at the Geriatric Ward and subsequent care, and for the support of zoo therapy at Thomayer Hospital. We also regularly participate in charity bazaars organized by Léčivka,” says TPA partner Jana Vítková.