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In many companies which have numerous employees, it is exchange of information and organization of management that poses the greatest stumbling block. This is why 15 thousand smaller and larger companies have come to favour the HELIOS information system. It provides a better overview of matters taking place within a team, but also on the market situation; it is highly evolved and helps to accelerate communication and simplify internal processes.

Yet it is no simple matter to change vehicles whilst driving, and that is what TPA is here for. We ourselves have been using the HELIOS system for years and we have helped over hree hundred firms to make the change and arrive smoothly all the way to their destination. Choose a responsible driver from TPA for HELIOS iNuvio!

We will adjust HELIOS iNuvio to your needs

We will arrange data transfer from your old information system which will no longer slow you down

We have long-term experience managing HELIOS; sit comfortably and let yourself be led

Find out how HELIOS iNuvio can help your firm. Contact our reliable drivers.

Drive over to the HELIOS system from TPA with an experienced driver

The HELIOS iNuvio information system is a reliable, tried-and-tested instrument, which is able flexibly to adjust to the needs of all sorts of firms. Besides efficient management of processes, smaller and medium companies will welcome all sorts of advanced functions and regular updates. Thanks to the system, you will have a constant overview of new developments, the market situation and new, faster access to important pieces of information.

The new generation of the information system called iNUVIO provides full Business iNTELLIGENCE functionality. It is simple and iNTUITIVE to control and provides excellent instruments for the management and operation of the entire company. You can then simply create and prepare dashboards with reports, graphs and notifications for everyone who wants and needs to have information available, quickly and simply – even directly in a mobile or tablet. Thanks to this, you can predict business behaviour and gain a better overview of the competition.

TPA Tax s.r.o. is an authorized implementation partner of the HELIOS system..

How does HELIOS iNuvio implementation by TPA take place?

  1. Analysis

    We cannot avoid thorough analysis of your needs. Only in this way can we prepare the system precisely for you and utilize to the best degree its strong points exactly for your business. This is why we first compile an analysis and propose to you the best solution.

  2. Implementation and setting

    Once you have approved the solution which will suit you best, the implementation of the system and setting it for your lies ahead of us. In this phase, we will focus on the program containing all proposed functions and analyses.

  3. Training and testing

    You do not sit behind the wheel without a driving licence. This is why we will thoroughly train you and all your colleagues who are going to use the system. Together we will then take a few test drives in the context of training. Only then will we launch you into regular operation.

  4. Long-term support at the highest level

    If you find yourself at a more complicated crossroads or if you wish to expand the carpark, you need not be afraid to contact us. We are at your disposal, whatever might be of interest to you regarding the system.

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