Post-acquisition consultancy

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Merging of trading companies and acquisition of subsidiaries has become part of everyday life. Transformation of companies is one of the possible ways to gain access to new markets, approach new customers or reorganize one’s entrepreneurial group.

Have you decided to merge with another company or purchase another firm? What problems can you expect?

  • losing track of commercial and financial events in the firm
  • problems with external auditing bodies
  • departure of important employees
  • uncoordinated change of the corporate culture

How we can help you

If you want a merger or acquisition to change into a true success, it is necessary carefully to consider all of their aspects. So turn to us. Our company offers you an experienced team of professionals in the area of comprehensive merger and acquisition solutions.

We will be your partner who will assume for you part of the concerns connected with the assumption of a new company. Thanks to our comprehensive approach, we are able, by adjusting a new system by which the company is to function, to assist your company as soon as the first day the transaction is realized. Our aim is to find a precise network solution tailored to your exact needs. We respect your priorities, according to which we will always subordinate the manner of transactions. We are motivated by your success, the greatest reward being the knowledge that we have played a role in it.

We offer the following services in the area of finance:

  • setting a reporting system,
  • integration of accounting,
  • preparation of common budgets and a business plan,
  • a system of consolidation,
  • solution of the transformation as such,
  • appropriate structuring of transactions
  • adaptation of information systems.

We offer the following services in the area of human resources:

  • developing general strategies, a time-plan of steps,
  • integration of approaches in the personnel policies of merged companies,
  • integration of management systems,
  • integration of corporate cultures,
  • integration of motivation systems.

Post-acquisition consultancy in TPA:

  • an offer of a comprehensive solution,
  • hourly rates for our consultancy,
  • free preliminary consultation,
  • one contact person who coordinates all external services,
  • broad experience in the Central and South-East European regions.

Here you will find out more about the further services offered by TPA: Advisory.

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