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Our experienced team of consultants will help to improve the financial performance of the company, revitalise your business, or, should the need arise, undertake a controlled process of reorganization. We will assist you with business analysis, identifying vulnerable areas, and propose a transparent review, leading to higher efficiency, better staff motivation, and increased credibility.

Services for Proprietors and Top Management

Increasing efficiency of company operations is a continuous process. The most appropriate time to undertake changes in a company is during a period of stagnation brought on by the market recession and because of comparison with regional competition. We will help you to identify areas with potential for improvement; we will propose and deploy cost-saving actions, propose changes of processes, and take curative measures.
We can work with you on group structures as well as in the post-acquisition processes to help effectively centralize business activities and achieve financial results fast.

Services for Creditors and Indemnity Providers

Should you require valuation of your credit receivable, monitoring of the financial standing of your debtor, or implementation of agreed changes to stabilize the economy of your business, we will carry out a revision of your business review. We will assess the quality of your collateral. An independently reviewed business plan presented by the debtor will help you set the appropriate sales and credit policy. We will carry out periodic monitoring of selected financial indicators, working capital, and cash flow upon request.

Restructuring Banking Clients

We’ll provide you with our independent expert opinion on the status of business activities of banking clients and their further viability. We will assess realistic ways of solving the company’s cash-flow problems, creating the space for overcoming crises of confidence and restoring good relations between client and bank. If restructuring of the company is necessary and unpopular decisions need to be made, we are ready to co-ordinate the implementation of such measures in cooperation with crisis managers.

We provide the following services for our clients:

  • Business assessment and identification of problem areas
  • Working with proprietors and top managers, we implement measures to increase the efficiency and performance of the business
  • Proposal of company restructuring incl. determination of competences and accountabilities
  • Adjustment of effective controlling to enable the managing of the company or individual parts on the basis of financial performance/results
  • Proposal for Readjustment of Sales Division with regard to the Strategic Plan
    – Set sales targets and activities
    – Propose appropriate customers relationship
    – Analysis of Communication between production, purchasing and controlling units
    – Credit policy review
    – Set challenging motivation packages for sales staff
  • Proposal for centralization of suitable financial & controlling activities
  • Restructuring of financial sources
    – Change structure of external capital – suppliers, bank credits, leasing, factoring
    – Raising working capital funds
  • Proposal for transparent purchase conditions and processing of strategic inputs and consumption material
  • Consulting during sale of dubious receivables / improved securing of these
  • Consulting during asset divestment
  • Monitoring working capital and reporting collateral to financial institutions and credit coverage providers
  • Revitalization and consulting in insolvency
    – Processing a reorganization plan
    – Proposing revitalization measures
    – Implementation of crisis management
    – Supervision of revitalization measures


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