Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry

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In almost no other branch is the international competition as great and therefore also the danger higher, that one is “overtaken” by competitors. The technological advances force companies in this branch to constantly be up to speed and to invest in research and development continually.

It is essential to improve production and sales procedures, to increase the level of client-orientation and to develop new, additional distribution channels in order to be able to assert oneself on the market on a long term basis. In so doing, one should not neglect aspects relating to quality management and regional economic policy as these are of utmost importance in global competition.

The need to finance long-term investments is particularly high in both sectors. TPA supports you in your financing models, taking into consideration important tax issues.

Furthermore, our experts will help you to expand and maximalise your strengths as we too keep up to speed and offer you and your sector advancement on the tax level.

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