TPA Czech Republic ensures continuity of operations

18. 3. 2020

Dear clients and business partners,

We are reaching out to you today to assure you that despite the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak TPA will be providing all of its services as usual. Smooth handling of the situation has been enabled by our investment into IT and digitalization, which we have realized over the past years. It is our priority further to maintain this state and to eliminate possible issues quickly. The vast majority of our employees are now working from their homes and they are, of course, at your disposal. In the event of need, please contact them via email or on their mobile phones. Our reception is open and we will take all deliveries. In the event of need, our meeting rooms are also at your disposal. We are, however, naturally able to organize a meeting with you via videoconference or teleconference.

With this approach, we should like to be at your disposal at all times even in this situation. We are keeping with information from the Ministry of Finance that tax advisors, accountants and auditors may provide their clients with services even during the state of emergency which has been declared in connection with the appearance of coronavirus on the territory of the Czech Republic.

Within the next few days we will send you a newsletter with practical information as to the impacts of the current situation, especially as regards to tax obligations.

In closing, allow me to thank you for your understanding, cooperation and flexibility with which you are helping us to handle the current situation.

Your Contact Persons