Modernised Tax Information Box PLUS (DIS+)

15. June 2022 | Reading Time: 2 Min

We would like to inform you that the original Tax Information Boxes (DIS) was abolished, and the Czech Financial Administration has introduced the modernised Tax Information Box PLUS (DIS+ portal).

Based on the amendment to the Tax Code, it is possible to log in to the DIS+ portal in three ways: 1) based on access with a guaranteed identity (e-Identity), 2) with a verified identity in a way that allows logging in to the data box, 3) on the basis of access data assigned by the Czech Financial Administration.

Unlike the previous legislation, access to the DIS+ portal can no longer be obtained by the tax subject’s representative, but the tax entity must request access itself in one of the above-mentioned ways. In the case of a request for access data, the person authorized to act on behalf of the tax subject must physically present at the Tax Office and have their identity checked there, and only after the access data to DIS+ portal will be assigned.

Regarding the access of representatives of tax entities to DIS+, previously applicable authorizations for viewing the tax information box in relation to DIS+ are no longer valid. This access of the representative of the tax subject to the DIS + is then allowed only if the tax subject sets the access for the representative. This process is therefore not conditioned by any cooperation from the Tax Office.

However, with the termination of the original DIS portal, tax entities that do not have an e-Identity or data box (such as foreign entities) and representatives of all tax entities no longer have access to the DIS+ portal. In connection with these complications, the Czech Financial Administration proceeded to allow access to selected information until the end of 2022.

When you are in the Czech Republic, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to come to the tax office with you and help you arrange this matter.

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