HELIOS for production companies

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Thanks to HELIOS you will have all warehouses connected with orders, and effective planning will facilitate production control.

Solutions for production companies in HELIOS iNuvio bring comprehensive connection of production processes and other activities in the business. Thanks to a unified solution, you will thus have all warehouses and orders directly connected with production. Thanks to this, you will be able to plan efficiently and manage production without complex searching in other systems.

Subsequent assessment of the economy of the company and monitoring of economic indicators in production will no longer be a problem for you. Thanks to the QMS module, you will have quality control under control.

HELIOS iNuvio contains modules for TPV, production control, capacity planning of production and solutions for online conducting of production processes. In addition to this we provide complete service and consultancy, which is based on the experience of our consultants and knowledge of processes.

Machinery production

  • comprehensive technical preparation of production (TPP)
  • capacity planning and production control
  • online conducting of production operations
  • the possibility to connect to CAD systems
  • calculations and assessment of assignments and production
  • full support of change control
  • tracking of production numbers

Electro-technical production

Solutions for electro-technical production are determined for primary producers and for completing production, in which one can record production numbers and change control.

Foodstuff production

  • raw materials and input batches
  • recipes
  • full ability to track batches
  • batch expiry
  • communication before EDI

Plastics production

In plastic manufacturing, one of the fundamental requirements on an information system is precise records, with planning and the shortest possible time for preparation. Thanks to a highly evolved overview on the level of form-material-machine, you gain full control of the production process.

Chemical production

  • recording and traceability of batches and expiry
  • side products that have emerged in the production process
  • records and results of laboratory tests

Thanks to its broad possibilities, HELIOS is suitable for controlling production in a wide range of areas. The solutions we deliver utilize this spectrum and we have thus gained experience from many other fields.

For further information on HELIOS, write to us at e-mail: jan.libal@tpa-group.cz

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